domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

When We Speak Music To Our Heart and


Every time I want to sing my life because you are my inspiration and my spirit and own my dreams

I never thought you'd always be in my life and be my maid of my dreams , because despite all the ups and downs always the whisper of your voice and your song makes me remember when I met you.

Today I cry because you left me , but today I am also happy that your music makes me remember when you were close to my life.

Call me crazy maybe because I live in love, but I think the craziest I ever loved again .

This afternoon the air sounds my nose , but I also feel are your hands and songs that you learned .

The moon looks at us and cherishes us but my nights singing unites us whenever caresses you , not your hands off me because I will not let you escape the magic and dark dear heart

I do not deny that love and live forever and never told you, but now I do not need words sound just your voice to tell the rooftops that I will marry you .

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